Reducing Cost of Managing and Monitoring On Premise Connect Xf Email Server

Microsoft states that dollars spent on Services is as much as six times the cost of the original licenses. While that’s great news for the companies providing these services it’s not such good news for customers who have to bear the huge cost of supporting their applications.

Merely outsourcing of your IT functions to Applications Management Services providers may only further increase cost as we have observed with some of our customers.

According to a survey conducted by Lieberman Software among 500 IT professionals, more than three-quarters of IT professionals who work in organizations that use outsourcing say their providers have “made up” work in order to rake in extra cash.

What’s more, the savings many organizations hoped to achieve through outsourcing are not nearly as substantial as they initially projected. Approximately 62% of survey respondents reported that they paid more than they anticipated on their outsourcing agreements, with 27% reporting that they had spent “significantly more” than they planned. Only 11% reported that they paid less than they expected.

These figures also went up drastically for organizations with over 1,000 employees. Approximately 82% of professionals of these organizations reported that their outsourcing deals cost them more than expected.

To help bring down your cost of monitoring and managing Connect Xf deployed within your organization, we recommend the following:

  1. Enroll your in-house IT infrastructure management team for a training module that is designed to help you set-up, configure, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade your Connect Xf Server.
  2. Ask us for an audit of your email infrastructure and take up the recommendations at the earliest to maintain your system at peak performance (thereby greatly reducing the load on your IT management team). Write a mail from your corporate ID to Our team will revert to you.
  3. Contact us to post your queries on the software and get answers from our inhouse experts.
  4. Follow us on the blogs, LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter, etc for the latest news and updates.

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